About Us

Our Mission
We are here to introduce different and unique products for the first time designed by our professional designers world wide.
At FUNFAR, we produce, introduce and represent our items in a few different subcategory types.
We bring the value with having art involved in our products which makes our shop different with any ordinary similar looking business, either in a separate product type category or items with produced based on art passion and creative ideas.


Story begins
We have started to think and plan for this platform since we figured out there would be a good potential to have products textured and designed based on cultures which have not been previously much in this field and have them as a mixture of eastern and western art.
Pandemic given us this opportunity to have more chance to focus on our business plan, gathering our team and working on our online platform integrated and connected to many different payment gateways available for different banking system to make transaction easy for our customers.


Our goal is depended to our customers satisfaction and their happiness which comes out of their feeling about the products coming from our heart. We would see the business grown defined and built based on our customers happiness and satisfaction with the quality of products and services we provide.


Aha! moment
Every good company was founded on an idea and we are not excepted. Thinking about running this business came to our mind when we have seen many different products available online but not many designed with mixing and breaking the barriers of eastern and western art works, designs and handcrafts. We were overseas for a trip and whilst we were in a trip and when we searched and came back from our trip, we figured out those products are not available for many living on many other countries, so we made a decision to run a business with breaking the barrier and ordinary and stereotype clothing business also available for the all continents. This encouraged us to think about maybe this is the time to plan for a platform to make designs and products we had in our mind tangible and presentable to our lovely community and future customers.


At FUNFAR, we are going to have our products available for online shopping comprehensively for anyone from around the world, who loves the difference.


Our Values
We care about our customers not as one time buyer but as our people and our virtual community member and respect their trust and not having that trust no impacted and damaged is our priority.