Laki Carpet Design | Scarf-Shawl-Shoulder Bag-Envelope Bag


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Laki Carpet Design | Scarf-Shawl-Shoulder Bag-Envelope Bag
Elevate your style with the Laki Carpet Design ensemble – a scarf, shawl, shoulder bag, and envelope bag in one.
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Laki Carpet Design | Scarf-Shawl-Shoulder Bag-Envelope Bag
Elevate your style with the Laki Carpet Design ensemble – a scarf, shawl, shoulder bag, and envelope bag in one.
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Laki Carpet Design Scarf-Shawl-Shoulder Bag-Envelope Bag Design Premium Design Women’s Accessories Set
Product Description

Looking for a colorful and vibrant Laki Carpet Design Scarf Persian outfit? We’ve got you all covered. Introducing our LAKI Premium Design Women Accessories Set. This stunning accessory set is tailored from quality Persian traditional-style exotic motifs with a seamless vector pattern. This 4-piece women’s accessories set comprises of:
A scarf
shoulder bag and,
an envelope bag to match

We recommend our LAKI Premium Design Women Accessories Set to be the perfect gift for yourself or your loved one. It is a set of modern accessories that can match one’s personal taste and lifestyle. Any item from this matching set can pair perfectly with casual clothes or casual apparel.
Crafted by skillful Persian designers, this set comes with high-quality material from Funfar.
If one would like to enjoy the pleasure of witnessing the noble, beautiful, and pure Persian artwork, buy these accessories today and see for yourself.

Shoulder Bag

This zipped, velvet vintage-style shoulder bag comes with leather details. The background colors used in the texture are orange, purple, and blue. All our accessories are designed based on the characteristics of each accessory, making each set unique and special.

Envelope Wallets

If one has to carry all their essentials, why not do it with this zipped stylish Persian envelope clutch? With matching tassel detail, this envelope wallet goes well at a lunch function or when paired with informal clothes.


Thanks to our talented artists, we designed this shawl accessory with finely woven and intricately patterned detail. Our inspiration was gathered from Persian antiques to make this beautiful traditional design. One can pair it with informal apparel or a casual clothing set for a regal appeal.


The LAKI Premium Design set would not be complete without a matching scarf. We made this scarf by incorporating the unique Persian and Western cultures and traditions. The floral features combine perfectly to reveal the tasteful Persian design. The motif of this scarf draws inspiration from Tehran and shows Funfar’s unique fusion of two cultures.

Quality Products

Our company recognizes sustainability from a holistic point of view. We design original fine garments which are sewn skilfully and with dignity, and made to be worn and cherished over many years.
We challenge the fashion industry by doing our part in recycling, up-cycling, regenerating, and reducing waste. This includes sourcing fabric, dyeing, manufacturing, and packaging. We always try to minimize our impact on the earth as much as we can.

Be a part of the Persian Fashion!

Our LAKI Premium Design Women Accessories Set enables us to offer something unique for Sydney Persians and Persians of Sydney. This design has evolved with the fashion and styles of cultures around the world.
Persian Art has one of the most vibrant and beautiful heritages in history. Right from the popular architectural buildings spanning thousands of years to its detailed works in calligraphy and metalworking. It has definitely been an unstoppable force.
In modern society, Persian artists still include Qajar and contemporary art in their designs. At Funfar, it is not any different.

Our Inspiration

Funfar’s fashion sense was largely inspired by contemporary textual and archival sources. This includes illustrations and photo­graphic documentation from the 19th century; and surviving garments combined to display the organic character of the dress of these periods.
Our Persian sources include literature and historical documents, providing information about robes of honor, turbans, terms for textiles and garments, centers of production, and the impact and range of European materials and styles.


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