SOPHIA Velvet Laptop Bag
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SOPHIA Velvet Laptop Bag

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Laptop bag made with heart and hands of artists to share art provided as unique provided product made and designed with traditional modern Persian designs.

  • Unisex
  • Velvet Exterior
  • Internal compartments
  • Zipped
  • High Quality Printed
  • Special New Design


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When you buy this laptop bag you buy style, fashion, elegance and culture all in one bag! The unique design of this laptop bag makes it perfect for young professionals who work in an office, freelancers who spend their days working from coffee shops and students who rush between classes.

The geometric design draws its influence from the stars, creating a stunning start shaped design. The center star immediately grabs your attention thanks to the bright, bold oranges that are used in the design. The different shades of blue draw your attention to the clear, sharp lines that out line the design and separate each section. Different, but complimentary patterns are used in each layer, creating an absolutely stunning design. The colors and patterns have a distinct middle eastern theme, bringing a little bit of the culture and character from that region to the design of this women’s laptop bag. Spend a few moments looking at the pattern and it will have you mesmerized.

The exterior of the laptop bag has been made using quality velvet, adding to the indulgence and luxury of this design. The softness of the velvet means that every time you have to remove your laptop from the bag you will get to feel the cushiony comfort that is velvet. The design is a high-quality print that has been hand stitched onto the front of the bag, adding to the charm and uniqueness of this women’s laptop bag. The design is also unique to Funfar and has been created by one of our talented designers who work tireless to create new, exciting Persian inspired designs for you.

The quality laptop bag has been made using only best in quality material. The black piping that outlines the bag compliments the colors of the bag perfectly and ensures the laptop bag is securely made. The zip at the top of the bag is firm and strong and will ensure your laptop and accessories are safe and secure once they are zipped up in the bag. The short handles on the bag are perfect if you need to keep the laptop bag close to you. The longer, adjustable straps on the side are held together by silver rings and it can be removed if you prefer. The straps allow you to sling the bag over your shoulder, leaving your hands free for you to use to carry your takeout coffee, textbooks or other important documents.

The convenient design of the laptop bag continues to the interior of the bag. When you unzip the bag, you will see a range of different compartments. These have been specifically added to make your life easier. The compartments that you can find inside the bag allow you to store your laptop charger, your laptop mouse, headphones, notebooks, stationery and anything else you may need to carry with you. Each compartment has been added with your convenience in mind whether you work in an office or are still spending your days studying. Whatever you need to take with you in this bag, you will find a unique compartment for it.

Like with all of our products at Funfar, our focus is and always will be on sustainability. We pride ourselves on creating a range of accessories for women that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Some of our products have been made from recycled material. If caring for the environment is important to you then you definitely want to shop at Funfar because it is important to us as well.

Every attention to detail has ben made when creating this women’s laptop bag. From the design that has a very distinct Persian flair to the sustainable manufacturing process, we know we have created for you a stunning, durable product that will be a stunning addition to any wardrobe. The artists that have been used to design each one of the designs we make use of at Funfar have been carefully chosen to ensure that we create only the best, most creative designs to be used on each laptop bag in our store.

When you invest in one of our laptop bags you can be sure that you are investing in a product that it is of the best quality. Only the best artists have been used to hand make each one of our bags and the prints we use are top quality. This laptop bag will last you a long time without the print fading or loosing quality. It is important to us that we provide you with only the finest quality products.

Creating a range of sustainable products is at the forefront of everything we do and create. Buy this women’s laptop bag and have peace of mind that you have made a responsible choice.


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  • Band length is 130 cm