Toranj Shawl Shoulder Bag Envelope Wallet


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Toranj | Shawl-Shoulder-Bag-Envelope Wallet
Toranj Set: Your Versatile Style Companion. Embrace elegance and functionality with our multi-purpose ensemble. From shawl to shoulder bag to envelope wallet, elevate your look effortlessly.
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Toranj | Shawl-Shoulder-Bag-Envelope Wallet
Toranj Set: Your Versatile Style Companion. Embrace elegance and functionality with our multi-purpose ensemble. From shawl to shoulder bag to envelope wallet, elevate your look effortlessly.
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TORANJ Premium Design Women’s Accessories Set: A Fusion of Persian Heritage and Modern Style

Are you seeking a Toranj Shawl Shoulder Bag Envelope Wallet traditional Persian accessory set with a modern Australian twist? Look no further than the TORANJ Premium Design Women’s Accessories Set!

This exquisite collection features high-quality materials with a quality Persian motif and intricate Persian tribal pattern details. Moreover, it comprises a luxuriously woven shawl, a stylish envelope wallet, and a spacious shoulder bag to match, creating a true three-piece treasure trove.

Ideal for gifting, the TORANJ set blends timeless elegance with modern functionality. Furthermore, these exquisite modern accessories complement your personal taste and elevate your everyday style, pairing beautifully with casual clothes or formal wear.

Unlike mass-produced accessories, you won’t find these handcrafted Persian products in ordinary stores. Exclusively available at Funfar, skilled Persian designers meticulously craft this set in Australia using high-quality materials. Additionally, to truly appreciate the beauty and nobility of Persian art, purchase your TORANJ accessories today – you won’t be disappointed!

Delving deeper into the set:

Shoulder Bag: Crafted from a unique velvet fabric with sophisticated leather details, this zipped vintage-style shoulder bag makes a bold and eye-catching statement with background colors primarily in red, black, and orange. Furthermore, we tailor our designs to the characteristics of each accessory, ensuring each set is unique and special.

Shawl: Made by talented artists, this shawl features a finely woven and intricately patterned Arabesque design.

Envelope Wallets: This stylish Persian envelope clutch is the perfect size to carry your essentials and can be used for an evening function, a date night, or simply paired with informal clothes.

Quality You Can Trust:

At Funfar, sustainability is at the core of our brand culture. We embrace a holistic approach, starting with restructuring our supply chain based on ethical practices. Additionally, this commitment extends to creating a plastic-free and low-waste working environment in our Australian headquarters.

We design original fine garments sewn with skill and dignity, made to be worn and cherished for years to come. Moreover, we challenge the fashion industry by actively recycling, upcycling, regenerating, and reducing waste throughout our entire production process, from sourcing fabric to dyeing, manufacturing, and packaging. Additionally, minimizing our impact on the earth is a priority at Funfar.

Be a Part of the Persian Fashion Movement!

This design has evolved with the fashion and styles of cultures around the world, showcasing a complex history with a mixture of influences from Persia and Australia. Additionally, Persian art boasts one of the most vibrant and beautiful heritages, evident in their architectural marvels, detailed calligraphy, and intricate metalwork.

In modern society, Persian artists continue to incorporate Qajar and contemporary art into their designs. Furthermore, Funfar is no different! Our team of talented artisans combines their skills in Persian and Western Art to create fashionable apparel that proudly represents all cultures. Moreover, Funfar is wearable Eastern and Western Art, and we invite you to join this prestigious style movement.

Our Inspiration:

Funfar’s fashion sense draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including contemporary textual and archival materials such as illustrations and photographic documentation from the 19th century. Additionally, we study surviving garments to understand the organic character of dress from these periods.

Our Persian sources include literature and historical documents that provide information about robes of honor, turbans, textiles, garments, centers of production, and the influence of European materials and styles. Furthermore, during the Qajar period, there is significant information on the social and political background that shaped clothing and fashion trends.

European observers have documented specific descriptions of how both males and females dressed with influences from Persian culture. Furthermore, beyond the noted love of fashion, these reports offer valuable insights into class distinctions in dress, providing a fascinating glimpse into Persian social history.

Explore the rich heritage and modern style of the TORANJ Premium Design Women’s Accessories Set today!


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