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Standard Shipping (production time 10-14 Business Days)


Hey team, thanks for checking in with our shipping options! You’re savvy, and we like it. You might be used to our shipping timeframe being 7-10 working days, and boy do we wish we were able to get back to that but you know….COVID. We’re pretty bummed we’re not printing as quickly as you’re used to but the team are definitely grinding just as hard…if not harder. But you know, borders are closed, stock is taking a long time, there are restrictions on how we operate. Then on top of that theres just how bloody awesome you all are at continuing to support our business through a pandemic keeping our team employed and busy. Now when you select standard shipping, you’ll notice it says ‘production time 10-14 Business Days’ and that is pretty firm. We’ve popped a notice in the banner at the top of the site, and also have a ‘Covid’ pop up too just so you get ALL the info before you checkout cause at the end of the day, you’re hapiness is our hapiness and if we can’t get your order to you on time we want you to know it before you process it. Standard shipping is offered Australia-wide and can take between 1-14 business days once the order is printed. If you live ‘in the sticks’ than we probably don’t need to tell you but shipping can take a few extra days (or weeks, right Alice Springs!?) to non-metro locations. If you need your order by a particular date then scroll down for our rush options! **Note – if you place your order after 10am, the team won’t receive it until the following business day. This is due to the cut off times we have for ordering stock from our suppliers.

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Handling Fee: $0

From (Items) To (Items) Price
1.0 infinity $9.95



The world is a big, big place and we would be silly not to try and clothe everyone in it. Being all the way ‘down under’ here in Australia though shipping to other countries can take up to 5 weeks. So place your order, sit back and relax and dream of the days you’ll be wearing your new Adventure Time tee. We’re not trying to scare you off from ordering some parcels will land within a week … were just preparing you for the worst case scenario like Sarah O’connor in Terminator.

Price Breakdowns


Handling Fee: $22

From (Items) To (Items) Price per item
1.0 4.0 $5.95
5.0 infinity $4.95